Jun 12, 2014

Our sweet Quinn turns ONE!

I don't really know how to start with this post, because I'm a little emotional about it. I can't believe our little Quinn turned one! I guess I'll start by saying this little girl of mine has changed our lives completely! She has made me a better person. She has strengthened my testimony of family and eternity. She has made me want to be a better person with a desire to live the gospel more fully. Heavenly Father has entrusted me with this precious and healthy spirit and it is up to me to teach her what's right. Having her has given me a greater understanding of the atonement and the unconditional love that God has for his children. She has taught me patience and how to be unselfish. Never have I felt so exhausted, so happy, and so grateful all at the same time. 

This girl is certainly sugar and spice. Boy does she have a lot of spice!! Sometimes it's so fun and sometimes it's frustrating. But I wouldn't change a thing about her. She has so much personality and really keeps me laughing and on my toes. She is certainly loved by everyone around her. 

She started walking around June 6! Why did I want her to walk?! She is all over the place and doesn't care if she falls hard or not. She just goes all for it...running!! She still doesn't sleep through the night. She wakes up once or twice. I'm hoping that will change when I stop nursing her within the next couple weeks. She is a determined little thing and is so smart. She is really good at making faces...kissy faces, scowls, cheesy smiles. She loves kids and practically hyperventilates when she sees them. She has four teeth. She doesn't like baby food, but I still try to feed it to her. She loves baby Cheetos, avocado, scrambled eggs, and bread (who doesn't?). She loves to be outside. She is busy busy busy. By the end of the day, I am really tired. 

We had a bday party for her on June 14. It was super fun. She got spoiled. She didn't eat any cake at all just smooshed it all over hair. 

Happy birthday Quinners!! We love you more than you will ever know. We are so lucky Heavenly Father sent you to our family. We can't imagine our lives without you. 

She's finally getting the hang of story time.

Watching mommy and daddy play softball

One of her signature looks.

And her other signature look

Her smash cake

Squishing the cake around

Apr 14, 2014

Q and A with baby Quinn - 10 months

I sat down and gave Quinn a little interview about her favorite things at the ripe old age of 10 months. These are the answers she gave me. ;)

What is your favorite food?
Scrambled eggs, Gerber crunchies, green beans and anything that mom and dad are eating.

What is your least favorite food?
Peas. I always gag when mom tries to shovel them in. And pretty much all baby food for that matter. But peas are the worst.

What is your favorite toy?
I love any stuffed animals. I hug and kiss every stuffed animal I come in contact with. I also love any chord that plugs into an outlet. I also love the remote. And not just any remote. It has to be the one mom and dad like to use.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I love being outside whenever possible. I also love to read books and flip through the pages.

What is your least favorite thing to do?
Why sleep of course! It's so boring just like my cousin Jack says. I also don't like getting dressed or getting my face wiped off.

What is your favorite book?
Are you my mother? Is my favorite book right now.

What is your favorite tv show and movie?
I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mom has a CD of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the car too that I love to listen to. My favorite movie is, of course, Frozen. I flip out when the characters start singing their songs.

What is your favorite song?
It's probably a toss up between Popcorn Popping, Let it Go, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Who is your favorite person?
Right now, I'm a total mommy's girl, but I love my daddy a lot too and get so excited to see him when he gets home from work. I also like my grandmas and grandpas.

Where is your favorite place?
As long as mommy's right by me I like any place. I like to be right at her feet. I just like to go to lots of places. I am so busy, I get bored of the living room. I make a really good shopping partner.

Mar 28, 2014

We have a 9 month old

Quinn turned 9 months old on March 15. We celebrated by all getting sick. Yay us. It also happened to be my birthday on the 16th. So we didn't really get to do much. But Cole made me Carbonara and a butterfinger cake. Anyways, last week was a rough one. Poor Quinn had a intestinal virus with a rash and diarrhea. She did not sleep well for a whole week and we were all sleep deprived. I seem to do dumb stuff when I'm sleep deprived. Like wear my shirt inside out to Target. Or go to Albertsons to buy a few groceries just to leave them in the cart in the parking lot (at least it wasn't the baby right?). I called them and they put them in the fridge for me. I went back and got them and got home and my zipper was wide open. They probably thought I was a real winner. I guess I don't function well on little sleep.

Anyways, I'm rambling and I wanted this post to be about Quinn turning 9 months! She is getting so fun and her personality is blossoming! She got her two bottom teeth around 8 months. She started crawling about two weeks ago. She loves to get up on her knees and just balance there. She loves little kids. She gets really excited when she sees them. At the store the other day, we were walking passed a little boy and she started yelling at him. The little boy looked really concerned and said "Mommy, that baby is yelling at me!". She still loves being outside. She loves Frozen like every other kid. If I sing "Let it Go" to her in the night it calms her down. She doesn't love baby food especially fruity ones. She likes the veggie ones a lot better. She really would prefer table food.

We just love our little Quinnie to death. If we could just get her sleeping through the night, it would be amazing. And then mommy wouldn't be such a klutz.

Jan 25, 2014

Unfortunate but nice family gathering

With my Grandma Mert's passing came the blessing of all of my family being together eating food and sharing memories which was the perfect way to honor grandma. 

I loved having my sister here for a week and was so sad to see her go back to Oregon. She even stayed in Idaho Falls with us for a few days. I wish I would have taken more pictures.

My mom, grandpa, and my Uncle Perry at Grandma's viewing.

Quinn ready to go to Grandma's funeral

Kyle and Cal were twinners at church

Cameron and Quinn playing 

Quinn's ears poke out so much the sun shines right through them. Ha!
Quinn and Cam playing some more

Headed to the mall with Cal and Sube. Their conversation consisted of naming who was a boy and who was a girl. Sube said Cole is a boy and Cal said NO Cole's not a boy, he's a GUY.
Quinn is not used to so much action so she took some good naps from playing so hard. 

Molly and I went shopping a lot and I got some new boots. 

Visiting Grandpa. It's sad to see him without Grandma. I know he will be lonely without Grandma, but I know that they'll see each other again and until then we are all going to make sure to call and visit a lot. 

I sure do love my family! 

Jan 17, 2014

My Grandma Merla Lee

My Grandma Mert passed away the morning of January 15, 2014. She had fallen a few days prior and had broken her hip, arm, and some ribs. I'm so sad to see her go. Although, she was in a lot of pain the last couple years so now she doesn't have to suffer anymore. 

She was really the best Grandma you could ask for. She had a passion and enthusiasm for life that I wish I could have more of. 

I remember playing card games with her and any other game for that matter. She always was the life of the party and was always ready to partake of any fun being had. 

I remember her cooking. She was the BEST cook. I will always remember her carrot cake, halibut chili, baked beans, fruit cake, and fish fries. Anytime you went over to her house, she would be sure to load you up with any yummy food she could find. I loved it when we had fish fries and she would make beer battered halibut fresh from Alaska with homemade tarter sauce. (My mouth is watering right now) 

I remember how she never missed a birthday or Christmas. She gave the best gifts. At Christmas, I will miss the box of fudge, chex mix, kitchen towels, fruit cake, and cheese balls.

I remember how she loved to garden. She always had a beautiful yard and a beautiful garden full of fresh vegetables. 

I remember going camping at Red Fish Lake in their motor home. She loved the outdoors. she was always fishing and boating. She taught us grandkids how to water ski and fish. 

I remember her yelling and cheering when we watched sports on tv. I remember how she never missed one of my sporting events even when they were out of town. AND I could usually hear her cheering in the crowd. 

I remember the chocolate marshmallow cookies she made when we would watch fireworks on her deck on the 4th of July.

I remember how grandma was a shopper and how she used to buy me clothes from garage sales that I didn't really like but would take them anyways. I remember how she always had the cutest outfits on. Even when I knew she didn't feel good, she would have her hair done and look so cute. 

I remember how she would make you feel like a million bucks when you would tell her exciting news. "Oh my goodness!! That is just WONDERFUL" she would often say. 

I remember when I was struggling to make a car payment when I was a poor college student. She called me up and said she had already gone to the bank and made my payment for me. Or when Cole and I moved to Boise and didn't have jobs and were struggling to make ends meet. They didn't really know that we were struggling, but she sent us a check for $200 just to help out. She always said: "Life has treated us well. Now it's our turn to help out". 

I remember her getting after grandpa to get something done constantly. I remember how much they loved each other. They were great examples of a good marriage. They were married for almost 70 years. They weren't always active in the church and were sealed in the temple later in life. 

I remember how it cracked me up and took me off guard when we were eating pizza one night and grandma said "man, an ice cold beer would be so good with this pizza right now".

Grandma loved life and she loved people. She made everyone she knew feel welcome. Looking back on memories of her life makes me want to be a better person. I need to be more passionate and be more loving to everyone around me. I will miss her dearly!! Even though Quinn probably won't remember, I'm glad she got to meet her. I love you so much Grandma Mert! I was so lucky to have you as my grandma.

Until we meet again! 

Jan 7, 2014

Goals 2014

I know it's kinda cliche to have New Year's resolutions (especially exercise ones), but I don't care, if you are not setting goals for yourself then you can't improve yourself and become a better person right? 

And I'm having a hard time balancing my life/priorities right now with the new little peanut in our lives. I find myself playing on electronic devices in spare moments when I probably could be doing something more productive (ironic cuz I'm typing this on my phone right now.)

So here are my goals for 2014! I'm writing them down here so I'm a little more accountable. 

1. Read something spiritual everyday.(Scriptures, Sunday lessons, Ensigns)

2. Floss every night. 

3. Family prayer every night. 

4. Get certified to teach spinning. 

5. Eating plan. 
*Count calories
* Make sure I'm getting enough while still nursing. 
*Lose 1 pound per week until I reach goal weight of 140. 
*Eat 2 veggies and 2 fruits per day
*2 serving size treats per week otherwise, NO SUGAR
*Drink 3 water bottles per day. 

6. Workout or do something active everyday 6 days per week.

7. Only be on electronic device while feeding Quinn, and/or if I have read my spiritual thought and worked out for the day. 

8. Stop complaining/stressing about sleep. 

9. Learn a new hobby. I really want to get good at making cakes. I also want to learn how to crochet. 

10. Focus on how important my role as a mother is and how lucky I am to be able to stay home with Quinn. 

THERE they are. A nice even 10! Wish me luck. 2013 was a crazy year. Hoping that 2014 can be a little more calm and full of family and fun!

Quinn's goal is to eat lots, grow real big, and play real hard. 

Dec 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Does anyone else feel like Christmas snuck up on them this year?!! I was not ready...I wanted to make goodies for our neighbors and send out Christmas cards but did neither. I think that I told myself not to get stressed about all that stuff one day when I went into Walmart (don't do it the weekend after Thanksgiving!). I went in there to get a few Christmas things and I could feel my blood starting to boil...I told myself, this is not Christmas to me. I went home and ordered the rest of my gifts on Amazon. 

We had Cole's work Christmas Party at our house which really kicked us into gear to finish the final touches in our house. Cole stayed up late every night painting and tiling our guest bathroom (which no one even used) so it could be ready. And we finally got new furniture!! It was our Christmas gift to each other. Quinn gave me the gift of sleep for Christmas. Best. Gift. Ever. One night about a week ago she just started sleeping through the night. I don't know why. I'm not going to question it. I am just so so grateful. I think it was also an answer to my prayers...really. 

Cole has a week off right now which is going to be great. We spent Christmas Eve with Cole's family and Christmas Day at my family's. Here are a few pics of the festivities.

The Christmas outfit Aunt Jill got her

Sunday Christmas dress

Quinn loves tv, so when we walked passed a whole wall of them at Target, her jaw literally dropped. 
New furniture! My mom and dad even got us new lamps for Christmas since I took this picture. I feel like a grownup now even more than when we bought our house...weird. 

Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!! I'm so grateful for family, yummy food, a warm bed, and for this time of year to remember Jesus Christ's life. I feel very blessed. 

Dec 11, 2013

Happy Half Birthday to Quinn

I CANNOT believe that our little Quinn is 6 months old! 

She is getting so big. Every day she does something new and seems even bigger. She is fitting into 9-12 month clothes. She's a little porker. But I love it!! 

She has become a really fun baby. She is full of smiles and squeals. She is so quick to smile, but for some reason she will not giggle unless I break my back and a sweat for her and even then she doesn't really giggle. 

She is starting to get to that stage where she wants momma all the time. She always keeps an eye on me and sometimes gets upset when I leave the room. It makes me feel special, but kinda gets tiring too. 

She recently got her first cold and it was sad to see her not feeling herself and snot dripping down her nose. 

She is a horrible sleeper. She has gotten worse. I wonder if I'll ever sleep again really. Last night I counted and in a 10 hour stretch, she woke up 8 times!! I feel like a drooling zombie on most days. I really think its starting to effect me. I find myself not being able to remember simple words when I'm saying a sentence. Like today, for example, I couldn't remember "shopping cart" I was like trying to explain to Cole "ya know that thing you push around with wheels at the store?...." 

I feel like I don't have the energy to do things for myself like get ready and workout. Ugh. We've tried sleep training her and both times it didn't work out so well. We let her cry for only like 20 minutes. The first time I went to check on her and she was just drenched in sweat from crying so hard and the second she got so upset, she came unswaddled and scratched her face off (she literally had five claw marks down her forehead that were bleeding...poor thing). 

Other than the whole sleep deprivation thing, I am loving playing and cuddling with my little buddy. I'm so excited for her first Christmas!! She has loved all the lights and glitter. 

She can now sit up by herself. She loves when we clap and she can also clap (sorta...in her own little cute baby way). She loves taking baths and gets mad when I take her out. She loves tv, especially football. She also loves to sit in the bumbo in the kitchen and cook with me. 

I love this little girl so much! Her smile just lights up my day. Happy Half Quinn!

Howdy ya'll

What? You say I have to sleep? 

Ahh. Love my little hot tub. 

Sitting up like a big girl!!

She loved this ball pit at her little friend's house.

Oct 24, 2013

4 months old

Quinn turned 4 months last Tuesday! Today she got her check up and shots. She's all tuckered out and sleeping on my lap right now. 

Quinn is becoming such a fun baby. I don't think she enjoyed being an infant at all. She was and still can be a little difficult. But she has ALOT of personality. She smiles on demand, but also has a little attitude when she doesn't get what she wants when she wants it. I think she is going to give us a run for our money.

She is our everything though!! We love her to pieces. Some of her recent milestones since 2 months are: grabbing everything in sight, rolling over, and sleeping much better (but still working on it). She has become so much happier now that the world entertains her more. 

She loves to go shopping with me in the baby Bjorne. She kicks and squeals as we walk around. A lot if people say wow she is so happy isn't she? I say "Well, the girl loves Target just like her mama! She's happy to be here".

Here are some recent pics of my little diva. 

She conquered her toy. One night it got quiet so I looked down. She had some how turned sideways and was on top of her toy. 

Morning walk

Grabbing her toes

Loving to spit

Target trip

Chipmunk cheeks

At least she thinks I'm funny

Sunday best

Before shots

After shots

Love you Quinnie! You are our everything!!